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3 Things to Leave Behind When You Move

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Don’t think that you have to bring everything to your new home. You should use a big move as a chance to leave some items behind. These items can include: furniture, toys, tools etc. Only you know what you don’t need to bring, but we have 3 items that definitely should not be coming with you.

3 Things To Ditch When You Move

1. DVD’s and CD’s

With all the technology available today, lugging around a DVD or CD collection is totally unnecessary. In fact these collections can get quite big and quite heavy. Physical disks like these do not tend to last very well past 10 years anyway. They get scratched, damaged and the material tends to break down anyway. For around $70 you can grab an external hard drive from any computer store and go from CD to digital in no time. This will save you a ton of space and you won’t have to look through tons of CD’s and DVD’s ever again.

2. Old Documents

Paper? That’s a thing of the past. Those with full file cabinets can attest to the sheer amount of space that these documents can take up. If you have some time, grab a cheap scanner and start digitizing these old documents. While you are doing that you can decide which ones you still want/need. With these documents digitized, searching for specific ones will be a breeze.

3. Books

Probably the kings of space hogs. Books are heavy and take up entire shelves. Most books can be found online and digitally, even if you like the feel of physical books, its something you should consider. Once you are done a book you should consider donating it or lending it to a friend. Chance of re-reading that book are slim for most people.

General Moving Rules

If you are still looking for more ways to get rid of the clutter when moving, ask yourself these questions when deciding to toss or not.

  • Have I used this in the past two years?
  • Do I want to re-buy this?
  • Will this fit?
  • Do I have multiple?

If you can answer most of these with a “yes” then you should get rid of it. If you are unsure, rent a storage unit in the meantime while you decide. You can always sell your items for cash as well, this is always a profitable way to go about de-cluttering. Just remember, the less stuff you have, the easier and cheaper your move will be.

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