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6 Things Ants Don’t Want You to Know

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Ranking pretty high on our list of things we hate are ants. Those little pesky buggers get into everything and can multiply like you cannot imagine. Running a self storage company has given us some great insights into taking care of ants. Now we are here to share them with you.

6 Ways to Remove Ants

1. Peppermint

Specifically, peppermint scented oils and sprays. Peppermint is a natural ant repellent. They hate the smell and will do anything to get away from it. So how do you use it? Get a peppermint oil or spray and rub it around doorways, windows and anywhere else cants can get into. If you have ants inside cupboards, soak some cotton with peppermint and place it in the corners of those places. Ants be gone!

2. Vinegar

Much like peppermint, ants hate the smell of vinegar. Vinegar can also be off putting some humans, you don’t want your house to smell like vinegar. What we suggest is to mix some vinegar with some of the peppermint above to create a spray which you can spray around the areas affected by ants.

3. Oranges

So yummy and they smell great. Did you know that they also repel ants? Instead of tossing those peels away, save them and create a spray using part vinegar and part orange peel. Just like above, spray where ants are located a few times a day until gone.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is toxic to ants. But how can you get the ants to eat it? SUGAR! of course, by adding some powered sugar to baking soda you crate a delicious but deadly ant dinner. Watch while those ants never come back after feasting on this meal. Bonus: ants will bring this “food” back to the colony, ridding them at the source.

5. Soap

What makes ants so dang hard to get rid of? They have a wax coating on their shells. This wax protects them from the environment and also some ant repellents. By mixing some soap and water and spraying the little guys, it dissolves this coating making them much easier to get rid of.

6. Lemon

Lemon, citric acid, works just like the peppermint. They hate the smell of both, so it’s best to combine lemon with the peppermint and spray away. You home will never have smelt so good as well!

Think you have a tip to get rid of these pests? Leave a comment down below!

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