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Prepare Your Home For Tornado Season

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Tornadoes bring havoc and devastation to everything they touch. Here in Pennsylvania we are all to accustom to these horrible natural catastrophes. There should be no excuse for being unprepared to battle these windy giants. Stop and Store Dover have taken the right precautions. Have you?

Tornado Season Preparation

I think we all remember one of the worst tornadoes to hit. 2014 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this giant storm ripped through. Lets ensure we are all prepared.

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Your not gonna be driving anywhere that’s for sure. Your water might also be cutoff or too dirty to drink should the tornado hit a water reservoir. So make sure you beat the rush and stock up on water, food and safety equipment. Even better, if you live in a tornado prone area, have an emergency kit always ready with supplies.

window, tornado, prepPrepare The Exterior

Obviously, the first line of defense is going to be your home, so make sure its ready. This means:

  • Board up any windows and glass that can break and cause you or your family harm.
  • Check your roof for weak spots and board up any. Nail down loose singles as well.
  • Clean your gutters. You want the heavy rain and water to flow away from you home.
  • Remove any loose large items from your yard. These will be picked up and thrown causing damage.

Store Your Outdoor Itemsdeck, tornado, prep

This means any lawn furniture, garden tools, toys and barbecues. If you don’t have any more room inside you home. Choose a self storage unit, often times they are better protected for the storm then you are. Maybe even choose to store more valuable things when a storm hits such as your car and expensive electronics. Better safe then sorry.

Storms can happen at a moments notice be sure you and your home are prepared for the worst. If you need storage quickly, Stop and Store Dover can have you a unit within minutes.

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