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March 31, 2017
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Selling? Show Your Home off the Right Way

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Selling your house is a massive undertaking and the market can be very competitive. Here in Dover, PA the competition to sell homes to high so you best make sure you are showing off your home properly. At Stop and Store Dover we are no strangers to the home selling process and many of our tenants use us for storage during that time. So we have complied a list of home selling tips.

How to Show Your Home When Selling

Don’t Be there

It may be tempting to hang around during an open house. See the people that are coming to bid on your home. But for the love of all that is good, leave. Get out, scram, be nowhere near the house during an open house. You being around is well, awkward for viewers. People want to be left alone somewhat so they can imagine themselves alone in the home. So get out, grab a coffee or schedule your open house when you are working.

Curb Appeal

You know “that” house on the block? With the grass knee high and broken down cars in the driveway. Don’t be that house. Get out there and cut the lawn, pull the weeds, power wash the driveway. Make your home look great from the curb. You want the first impression of your home to be a great one.

No Clutterempty, home, space

This is a big one, having a cluttered home looks messy to a lot of people. It’s important that your home stays almost empty. The more space the better people can imagine themselves inside the home. This is where self storage shines, rent a unit and store ANYTHING that doesn’t need to be inside the home. This isn’t forever, and will help sell your home quicker.

cooking, smellNo Smells

Thinking about making curry the night before a home showing? Think again, keeping your home smell free should always be on your mind. This means no overpower air freshers or cooking smelly meals. If you must cook, keep the windows open and make sure to air out your home before any home showing.

We wish you luck in selling you home. Follow these simple tips and tips from your realtor and you should be done quickly.


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