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Is Your Water Heater About to Fail?

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If you have ever had a water heater fail you know how annoying and potentially damaging it can be. Make sure that you know the signs of a failing water heater. If you can replace it before it happens you might just save yourself from a flooded basement.

Signs Your Water Heater is About to Go

1. The Age of your Heaterwater heater, age, label

Knowing how old your water heater is might be the best way to predict when it will fail. Many water heaters are only made to last around 10 years or so. If you didn’t buy your current heater, check the labels on the side of the tank for an indication of a manufacturing date. If it’s approaching 10 years, start thinking about a new one. Many times stores have deals throughout the year, so keep your eyes open. If you find a good deal, grab it and store it, if you have no room, you can rent a storage unit for cheap.

2. Rusty or Brown Water

A common symptom of a failing heater is rusty or brown water coming from the taps. But this should only happen when the hot water is turned on. If it happens when using cold water, it could be an issue with your pipes. If you are unsure, you can drain your heater and see if there is any rusty water.

3. Noise + Less Efficiency

If your heater is making noise and taking a longer time to heat up, it’s a sure fire sign that it’s life is coming to an end. Start looking for a replacement ASAP.

4. Leaking

So you have ignored all the warning signs and now you have an ever growing puddle of water in your basement. Turn off the water to the home and call a professional to have the tank removed. This is the worst case scenario as you have the pay a large sum upfront without warning.



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