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Gated and Secured Parking and Car Storage in Dover, PA

secured parking, car parking, dover, spaces

If you are looking for secure car parking and storage in Dover, PA look no further than Stop and Store Dover. We have just expanded our storage facility to allow for secure and gated car parking.

Secured Car Parking

Benefits of Secured Parking

parking, dover, spaces, car parking, van parkingSecured Car parking in Dover has never been easier. With our modern pin-pad entry technology you can simply drive in and park without having to get out of your car. This means your parked and away before you know it, making you early for that meeting or perhaps giving you just enough time to grab a power coffee before work.

You can also be rest assured that while you are away for however long, your car will be safe and secure. This is great for people who are travelling abroad for extended periods, you can rely on us to keep your car safe.


10 x 15


10 x 20

Payment is equally simple, just phone us or pay online. Alternatively, you can pay by mail. Now that’s quick.

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