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Rent Less Self Storage

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Some folks think we are crazy to suggest you rent less self storage.  But we want you not to waste space. Most homeowners don’t realize just how much storage space they have in their home if they make some adjustments. Improving storage at home can be a cost-effective alternative to renting storage space. With these easy tips, homeowners can maximize space immediately.

Rent Less Self Storage

Track System: Closets may be plentiful, but if not efficiently utilized, space may still seem lacking. Track closet storage systems are far better than the traditional shelf and hanging rod systems. See here an example of customizable track systems.storage, home, closet

Storage Beds – typically feature cubbies or drawers within a platform-style bed frame. Just think of how much space in under a King-size bed.

Look Up: Maximize spaces by looking high up and down for storage possibilities. Items you don’t need frequently, such as seasonal decorations or travel suitcases, can be stored in high spaces. Shelving on walls can go as high as necessary and be put to use in awkward wall areas, such as in corners or under eaves.

Stopping Area Around the Doorway: A stopping area inside the main door replete with a storage bench can house shoes, umbrellas, hats, backpacks and other items, keeping them tidy and out of sight.

Furniture: In living rooms, look for chests or ottomans that are decorative and functional. Store throw blankets or board games inside.

Rafters:  Your garage eves and garage walls can have clothes rods or hanging shelves to create off-the-floor storage as well.

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